A Guide To Keeping Your Hair During Chemo With Cold Caps

Cancer is a disease that affects numerous people each and every year. In fact, studies show that in 2016, about 1.7 million new cases will be diagnosed. With this in mind, many people tend to look for different ways to deal with chemotherapy. Hair loss is one of the biggest side effects of chemotherapy, which can thankfully be mitigated with the use of cold caps. A cold cap is a thermally controlled cap that people wear in order to prevent this hair loss and maintain their comfort throughout the course of chemo treatments. Here is some more information about these cold caps and how they can be useful. 

The Science Behind Cold Caps

If you are looking to take advantage of cold caps, one of the best things you can do is understand how they can help. When people wear cold caps, they create what is called scalp hypothermia. When this happens, your blood vessels are constricted in a way that prevents the affects of chemo from reaching your scalp. This way, you will keep your hair or at least not lose so much of it. This is especially important to women who are battling various forms of cancer. 

What To Do To Pamper Your Hair When Undergoing Cold Cap Treatments

A lot of the success you can expect with these treatments will depend on what you do to care for your hair. The most important thing you can do is keep your hair heat free. This means steering clear of things like blow dyers, curling irons and hot oil treatments. You will also want to cut down on the frequency of shampoo treatments and should find a gentle shampoo, making sure that you use cool water. Further, ease up on the stress that you put into your hair by combing and brushing it as gentle as possible. 

Factor In The Cost Of The Cold Caps

In order to get the most of your cold cap treatments, you should purchase them and keep them stocked for each chemo treatment. For most people, this factors out to about $30 per month on a high quality cold cap. You can shop around for a brand that will best suit you and provide you with comfort and most importantly, great results. 

With these three points in mind, you will have the greatest opportunity to keep your hair in between chemo treatments. Get in touch with a company that can sell chemo cold caps to you. 

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