Maximize Your Visit To The Barber By Asking For These Services

While many men rush into the barber shop, get their hair cut and rush out just a few minutes later, it's ideal to spend a little more time if you want to pamper yourself. Many barber shops offer a wide range of services for men that you can often find at a hair salon, but at a fraction of the prices of a salon. Spending a little longer at the barber and treating yourself is an ideal way to get away from the daily grind for a short period of time and feel better. Next time you need your hair cut, check to see if your barber can provide these in addition to hair cutting services.

Hair Shampoo

Many men make a point of washing their hair before they visit the barber, but for a few extra dollars, it's possible to have your barber perform this service for you. It's truly a pampered feeling to have someone else wash your hair and this service won't add a considerable amount of time to your barber shop visit if you still feel that you're in a rush. There's an added bonus to having your hair washed, too, especially if you're going to the barber for the first time — the barber will get a chance to evaluate how your hair looks while dry and wet, which can provide indicators about how to cut it to achieve the best look.

Scalp Massage

If you're the type of person who enjoys the feeling of the barber's comb and hands running through your hair, seeing if the shop offers a scalp massage can really increase the enjoyment of your visit. Many men's barber shops are beginning to feature this service, in which the barber spends just a few short minutes massaging your scalp before focusing on your hair.

Straight Razor Shave

Getting a shave with a straight razor is an experience that every man should go through at some point in life. While the result is a close, professional shave that helps you look and feel your best, the process of the shave itself can be highly enjoyable. You'll begin by having your face draped in a hot, wet towel, which is left in place for a few moments. In itself, this is highly relaxing. The slow, careful nature of the shave is also highly pleasurable and serves as a pleasant contrast from the rapid shave that you might perform each morning in front of the bathroom mirror before you rush out to work.

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