Hair Removal Options

If you have hair in certain areas and you would like to have it removed, there are various methods that you can use. Sometimes the placement of the hair will determine whether or not some of the methods are a good option. However, most times any of the different methods of hair removal can be used. This article will go over some of the different ways you can go about having your body hair removed.


Obviously you can shave body hair. However, you need to consider the fact that when you shave hair with a razor, it will cut the hair in a way that gives it a blunt end. This will cause it to grow in with a thicker end that stands out more. Also, it can be time consuming to shave certain areas, and there are some areas that can become irritated with this method, such as the bikini area.

Waxing at home

You can purchase a waxing kit at many locations, including many grocery stores, department stores, big-box stores, and pharmacies. Waxing will pull the hair out from the root, and this will be beneficial in a couple ways. It will give you more time in-between the hair growing back in, and it will cause the hair that grows back in to be thinner than with shaving, so it won't be as noticeable. However, it can be hard to wax yourself because you may not be able to reach certain areas yourself.

Waxing at a salon

Getting waxed at a salon will give you the same benefits that waxing at home will, but you will also not have to do it yourself. This makes it easier, less painful, and faster for you to get through. The wax products used at salons can also work more efficiently and comfortably than the ones you get in the store, and they can spoil you with cool rags and fans afterward.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is another hair removal option for getting rid of that unwanted body hair. You will go to a professional for this type of hair removal, and this allows you to leave it up to the pros. The laser will get rid of the hair follicle, and this will give you a longer period of time before more hair grows back. You will be asked to come back every so many weeks for more treatments. However, after a number of treatments you will notice that less and less hair will grow back.

To learn more about your hair removal options, contact a company like Phaze Laser Med Spa.

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