Going Bald, Ladies? Options That Can Hide This Embarrassing Problem

By the time women hit their early forties, forty percent of them will have thinning hair or show signs of balding. This is a terrifying time for women in this age group because they are just getting past their child-birthing years and starting to enjoy life. However, men do not usually date or choose balding women. Women know this, and it leaves them depressed and feeling unattractive and helpless.

However, ladies, you actually have a lot of options in how to address your thinning hair and/or balding head. As long as you still have some hair on the top of your head, there is a lot you can do with what you still have. Check out the following options. 

Straight Hair Extensions

You can buy straight hair extensions to thicken the hair you do have. If you buy the clip-in variety, you can just purchase the smaller clip-in extensions with shorter clips. These fasten into your hair, just like a barrette. Clip them in under the rest of your hair about an inch down from your part and underneath that inch of hair. Then brush through your hair and the extensions to blend. To hide a widening part, flip your hair and the extensions over the part, brush through and secure with pretty hair accessories.

The Bang Extension

This may be an even better option for you if you do not want to add more fullness to the hair you have but you want to hide what is going on at the top of your skull. The bang extension comes in a variety of styles, allowing you to change your look while simultaneously hiding a widening part, thinning hair, receding hairline, and/or balding. If you buy a clip-in bang extension, you do not even need a professional hair stylist to put in the bang extensions. Just divide your existing bangs in half, pin back half, and clip in the bang extension. Then comb the rest of your natural bangs forward. 

If you do not have any natural bangs, create some. A part from ear to ear over the top of your head will help you collect enough hair to cut some bangs. Then just insert the clip-in bangs as previously mentioned.


Weaves are more permanent. If you have reached the point where you do not want anyone to suspect that you are wearing extensions and you want something that looks natural and covers what you want to hide, then it is time for a weave. Just keep in mind that a weave only works if you have enough of your own hair to "sew" into the weave to hold the weave in place.

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