Pros And Cons Of Getting A Haircut To Hide The Gray Instead Of Dyeing Your Hair

If you're seeing some gray hair make an appearance and you aren't in favor of it, you generally have two choices. One is to dye your hair, and another is to choose a haircut that will hide the gray. There are reasons that you might lean toward each option. If you're thinking about consulting your local barber to help you choose a haircut that will hide the gray instead of go through the process of dyeing your hair, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: A Natural Look

Many men dye their hair to hide the gray, but this look can often be unnatural. For example, the dye that you choose could be slightly darker than your natural hair color, which can quickly make it evident to people that you're dyeing your hair. In other cases, the hair dye may not be consistent with your facial hair, which can be yet another indicator that your hair isn't a natural color. When you go to the barber to get the gray trimmed away — around your temples, for example — you'll have a natural look.

Con: Need For Frequent Visits

If you have gray hair in just one part of your head and a haircut can be a solution — for example, getting a tight fade to eliminate gray hair on your temples — you'll need to go to the barber more frequently than you might otherwise. As your hair grows in, the gray can be more evident, which could mean that you're spending a lot of time at the barber keeping this area cut tight.

Pro: Time Saved

Even though you'll need to go to the barber a lot to maintain your gray-free look, you could find that doing so saves you more time than dyeing your hair. Dyeing your hair isn't a quick and easy process, especially when you don't have much experience. Additionally, it can be messy, and you may end up devoting more time to each dyeing session than you'd spend visiting the barber for a quick trim.

Con: Not A Long-Term Fix

Getting haircuts that will trim the gray away can work for a long time, but many men find that their gray hair can spread from one area to throughout their head as they age. For example, you might begin by getting a few gray hairs around your temples — which your barber can hide with a tight trim — but as the gray appears elsewhere in your hair, it may not be possible to choose a haircut that will be suitable.

For more information, reach out to your local barber.

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