3 Hair Care Benefits Of Natural Hair Dye

Hair dye products have all sorts of chemicals inside them, many of which can cause skin irritation and even chemical burns. Natural hair dye is an alternative that can give you the color payoff you want, without all the risks of a bunch of ingredients you probably can't pronounce. 

1. Closed Cuticles

Every strand of hair has a cuticle layer that keeps it protected. As long as the cuticle layer stays closed, the hair is protected. The problem with traditional hair dye is that it contains ammonia. Ammonia opens the cuticles so that the color can attach to the hair strand. 

Once the cuticle opens, the hair strand becomes brittle and dry. Even when you apply a moisturizing product to the hair, the open cuticle will allow the moisture to escape and become dry again. Natural hair dyes don't rely on ammonia for color penetration to keep your hair cuticles secure.  

2. Curl Pattern Protection

If you have curly hair and you use traditional dyes, you might be putting your beautiful curls at risk. Some of the chemicals in traditional hair dye can alter some of your hair's elasticity, more specifically, it can cause the hair to lose some of this effect. As a result, if you have naturally curly hair, your curl pattern might loosen some. 

In some instances, the loss of elasticity with your curl pattern is a temporary problem, and in other instances, the change in the hair pattern is permanent. While this issue can occur with any chemical-filled hair dye, it's most common when you lighten the hair several shades. 

3. Color Achievement

When you use a traditional hair dye and you don't get the color payoff you had hoped for on the first try, you'll need to exercise some patience. You typically cannot reapply a color treatment to hair for a period around a few weeks, unless you want to severely damage your hair. If your hair is chemically treated, you might need to wait even longer.

As a result, you'll have to walk around with a color you're not exactly in love with. On the other hand, natural hair dye doesn't come with a reapplication wait time, so if you want to want to darken or even lighten your new color, you can do so faster.  

Whether you want a bold red, brown, or even black, natural hair dye comes in an array of colors to match your color goals.

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