Things Men Should Know About Balding Hair Treatment And Regrowth Of Hair On Their Heads

Men have tried for decades all kinds of remedies without any success to stop hair loss or obtain hair regrowth. Their bare foreheads become an irritant reminder each day that there once was hair in that area and now there is only an expansion of the forehead. Some men have helped the balding trend by going completely bald as a fashion statement. But some say that their girlfriends think they would look more attractive with hair on their heads. What in the world can guys do to obtain treatment for baldness that will successfully return hair growth to their heads?

Pill Treatment

Are you looking for a pill-taking product that will keep you from going bald? Consult with a dermatologist who can recommend a pill that lowers dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, which will significantly reduce hair loss while also achieving a measure of hair regrowth.

All About Dihydrotestosterone

There is a high incidence of androgenic alopecia (loss of hair) that is directly caused by the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone manifests in your scalp and converts into DHT, which causes the follicles to shrink in size. This shrinking is responsible for suppressing the growth of hair. This activity results in baldness.

Odd Reasons Define Male Hair Growth

Note that because there is not much DHT in follicles on the back and sides of your head, hair loss is not a problem in these areas. That difference also explains why hair loss takes place in follicles on the crown of your head. Some merit of credit must still go to DHT, however, for it's known to help the growth of hair on your beard and chest. Scientists note that most bald men have no problem growing their beards and also grow hairy chests faster than the hair on their heads. So just concentrate on what is the best method to stop hair loss and have hair regrowth.

Bypass All The Products Not Approved by FDA

Give a pass to all the tinctures, shampoos and supplements that for years have been manufactured without any evidence whatsoever that such products can end baldness or cause regrowth of hair on your head. If you continue to use these herbal-type mixed products for long periods of time and then later choose to use a dermatology-recommended product that is approved by the FDA, the years of using herbal noneffective treatments can negatively affect good results you should have after using FDA-approved balding and regrowth products.

How About Hair Cloning?

There is on the horizon what could be a total cure for baldness. Researchers are looking toward hair cloning as the answer to a long-sought-after method whereby they can culture and effectively implant new hair cells. Scientists would then be able to grow follicles in the implanted hair cells. That would be a remarkable accomplishment because these would be new man-made hair cells and follicles.

To find out more about har treatment, reach out to a balding hair treatment company near you.

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