Selecting A CBD Moisturizer

CBD moisturizers can be incredibly beneficial. They not only ease dry skin, but they can reduce inflammation, help prevent blemishes, and lessen the symptoms of mild eczema and psoriasis. But as you begin to shop for a CBD moisturizer, one thing will become obvious. There are tens, and sometimes even hundreds, of options. How do you know which one is right for you? Everyone has their own preferences, but in general, it is a good idea to consider these things when buying a CBD moisturizer.

Vegan Ingredients

With so many great plant-based ingredients, there's really no reason to use beauty products that are not vegan. This applies to CBD moisturizers, too. There are lots of vegan options on the market, so they should be your top choices. Choosing vegan products is better for the animals and for the environment. Even if you do not fully follow a vegan diet or lifestyle, choosing a vegan CBD moisturizer is an easy step in this direction.

Specific Strength

Look for a CBD moisturizer that is labeled with the specific strength of the product or how much CBD it contains. For example, you may see a bottle labeled "1000 mg CBD." This means the entire bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD. So, if you use 1/100th of the bottle each time, you'll be applying 10 mg of CBD to your skin. If you know how much CBD you are applying, you can better regulate your dose. And if you later switch to another product, you can more easily ensure you're still using the same amount of CBD.

Pump Dispensers

There are plenty of vegan CBD moisturizers that come with a pump dispenser. You should choose one of these over a moisturizer that comes in a tub or a bottle. There are a few reasons why this packaging is preferable. First, you do not have to reach into the container with your fingers and contaminate the rest of the moisturizer. This is important since natural CBD moisturizers do not always contain as many preservatives and antimicrobial ingredients as other moisturizers. Second, you can tell how much you are dispensing. You may find, over time, that you need one pump or two pumps to get the amount you need.

There are tons of wonderful CBD moisturizers out there. If you keep the above guidelines in mind, you should come home with one that works well for you and also benefits the planet. For more information, contact a company like i Label It Skincare.

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