A PDO Thread Lift Might Diminish Your Wrinkles And Help Build Collagen

If you're considering nonsurgical ways to lift and tighten your facial skin, consider a polydioxanone (PDO) thread treatment. This treatment involves using threads made from suture materials to lift your skin, but no incisions or surgery is necessary. The treatment is a good alternative to surgery and it doesn't require any downtime for recovery. Here are things to know about a PDO thread treatment.

It's Easy To Undergo A PDO Thread Treatment

Having thread pulled through your skin sounds painful, but you don't have to worry. The area where the needle punctures your skin is numbed first, so you won't feel any discomfort. The treatment doesn't take too long, so this could be considered a procedure you can have done on your lunch break and get immediate effects with no need for special recovery.

The PDO threads are inserted under your skin and pulled along to catch your tissues and pull them tight. Some threads are thicker and also plump and shape your face when they're in place. When finished with the PDO thread treatment, the threads can't be seen and the puncture will heal and not be noticeable.

PDO Is One Type Of Thread Used For A Thread Lift

Talk to your doctor about the options for threads that can be used. PDO is a popular choice, but when you understand all of your choices, you can make the best selection for yourself. In addition to threads being made from different materials, threads also have different shapes. Even PDO threads come in different shapes, such as barbed and screw. The barbed threads have barbs of different lengths, and threads can have different thicknesses.

Your doctor has a lot of options, but that allows them to choose the right PDO threads for you. Some threads are better at lifting while others lift, add volume, and stimulate collagen for a rejuvenating effect.

Your Doctor Can Target All Areas Of Your Face

A PDO thread treatment often targets the lower face to give it a more youthful lift. However, the threads can be used to tighten your neck, lift jowls, decrease marionette lines, tighten your eye area, and lift your brows. No matter what area is targeted, multiple threads are necessary to get the best effect.

If you've ever pulled back on facial skin to eliminate nasolabial lines, you probably noticed how pulling on one area causes lines to appear in another. By using multiple threads, your doctor can work around this problem and give your skin an even, lifted appearance.

Contact a local medical spa, such as Desert Bloom Skin Care, to learn more about PDO thread treatment.

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